Le Champagne Comte de Cheurlin, SARL Le Suchot,


Champagne Comte de Cheurlin applies a vegan process for vinification

Thomas CHEURLIN is a forerunner in his field because he and his oenologist work together with the same goal of quality.
Their shared passion is reflected in the revealing bouquet of the cuvées Comte de Cheurlin.
Comte de Cheurlin differs from other traditional Champagne brands :

Champagne Comte de Cheurlin was born from his desire to create a different kind of Champagne, to respond to nowadays expectations, and as he cares about of the heritage of the Champagne family company, he wanted authenticity and modernity.

Thomas Cheurlin is always looking for organoleptic perfection. Therefore, he created the fine Bubbles, so typical of his cuvées. Each year, for his cuvée LES AMBASSADEURS, he produces blends called "Son Secret" (his secret), considering the link that unites him with his ancestral lands.

The other strong point of the Comte de Cheurlin Champagne Collection is the strategy of targeting and elaborating cuvées with an excellent value for money while respecting the high environmental values that he has always advocated.

The quality and balance of our different cuvées ensures that our loyal customers get the best quality Champagne.
In addition, we have built a trust-based relationship with the French chefs and this beautiful collaboration will continue for years to come.
Comte de Cheurlin promotes the high values of French Gastronomy praised all over the world.
Thomas CHEURLIN and his oenologist also take great care in the vinification process.
They make Cuvées à la carte. Clients and friends describe him as a "Creator of fine bubbles".
Some of the Champagnes of Comte de Cheurlin are personalised for major brands and international personalities.

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